Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's up?

Check out LadyErul's amazing fanart on deviantart
As I put in the little QC of CHAT v2 ch 5 credits - I hope SHE will keep her promise of filling in the gap of Ouke no Monshou. Originally I wanted to take the project and fill in the gap BUT now I've decided to leave it up to HER and the rest of FS. Instead I wanna continue from ch 85 where the previous scanlation team(s) left off.
I have the next 5 five chapters (ch 86-90) cleaned. I just need to find a few willing Japanese or Chinese Translators so I can have my amazing PR buddies look it over then TS the chapters.And FINALLY release the chapters one by one on this blog for all to enjoy. I know lots of OnM fans are waiting to see what will happen to Carol trapped in Babylonia and the plot to kill Memphis at the Ore quarry...

Before I forget ^^ Here's the cleans I mentioned in the end credits of CHAT v2 ch 5

I know I shouldn't have taken down the cleans from the forum but it was HER fault for dissing OnM calling it an ugly project and refusing to let any of the TLs work on it. Its childish but doesn't matter to me anymore.
I wonder if they will find this blog?
Also thanks Mafu for continuing to work on this project and fill in the gap. I hope we can work together some day again and release chapters on a regular basis until it completely scanlated (And yes I know the series is not complete but at least we can give the fans something to build upon in their fanfics.)

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