Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ouke no Monshou - ch 86

Finally the time has come!!! >.< You can't believe how excited I was that my friend Siuliz (an amazing Chinese translator) TLed the chapter. Sadly historical isn't her favorite... so I gotta find another translator for the next few chapters.

Still looking for Chinese or Japanese translators to help translate the next few chapters.

Without further delay (technically the release was delayed a few days) here is Ouke no Monshou ch 86!!!

Download - Chapter 86

Feel free to upload this chapter to whatever manga hosting site you want - just please keep the unimpressive credits and recruitment pages in the chapter. Thanks!


  1. Thank you sooooo much!!! I loveeee this manga >_<

  2. thankyou so much :((( when is the next volume coming out? thank you for all your hard work

  3. hi i know what im doing might be of no help (maybe bcos you have the raws already), but these are the raws for ouke no monshou and i want to help even in little ways
    i appreciate all that you're doing, thankyou so much and please credit this lady's raws too thanks :) :)

  4. I love youuuuuu!!! I've been waiting for this really.. I was so addicted before(and still) that I joined the previous scan grou and applied for cleaner.. Though I only finished a few chapter and never passed it.. Got hold up on university :// though please tell me if I can be of help..I got nothin to do anyways, univ. semestral break.. :) mail me if anything..

    Again, thank you so much for this chapter!! Looking forward to next chapters!! Kudos to your group!!