Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Status update

To anyone following or checking this blog I'm sad to say this group, Reaper Scans, will be on hiatus.

Reason being I lack the necessary resources (staff) at the moment. So I'm going to be busy the next few months buying and scanning HQ raws for Ouke no Monshou and leaving the rest to my wonderful friends at Misty Rain Scans to work on.

I'm going to still be around to Quality Check the chapters for both Ouke no Monshou and Wolfsmund. But I won't be releasing them on this blog because I don't have much internet time on my hands in between writing papers the ancient way - pen and paper - all semester long. 

Thanks for all the love and supporting of Reaper Scans! 
We will be back someday in the future!!!

So look forward to the future releases from Misty Rain Scans.

At some point in time (possibly a year from now) I will revive this group once more possibly even as a HQ raw provider center for the various mangas I love so much.

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