Monday, January 12, 2015

Ouke no Monshou UPDATE

I'm happy to say ch 87 of Ouke no Monshou is completed!!! Just waiting on one final touch up before releasing it (hopefully later on this week.) 

As for the status of this group... I guess you could say partial hiatus?
I recently had someone contact me through this blog about helping translate OnM~ So I was super excited for the help! And another group is helping with vol 17... not sure about their group name. 

Let's see, what else was there? Oh! ^^;; I'm still searching for more translators and editors to help with this awesome old-timey project. I know I shouldn't be greedy but I really would love to get the ball rolling on this project so chapters can be updated every month and not only once a year.

Here is two good reasons:
  1. I have HQ raws for vol 16-24 in Japanese! Plus MQ Chinese raws~
  2. I'm a major fan of this manga, so you know I will do my ultimate best on each chapter!

So for all the Ouke no Monshou fans out there... 


"REAPER SCANS is searching 
for Chinese or Japanese to English 

Remember --> More translators = faster releases

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