Wednesday, May 4, 2016

❀ Pre-Summer Update ❀

     First off... ^^;; sorry about not updating the progress on the Project ONM tab... I just barely updated it.

     Secondly~ ONM will have about three new chapters released from June-July and possibly a fourth to wrap up the end of Summer in August. A big promise to keep but with my whole summer free from classes and some vacation time in California(!!) I'll definitely push to have the chapters released.

     As for the progress of this project... we're going to NEED more typesetters at Mystic Mizuki because they are doing the proofing and typesetting. The more help Rain (MM Admin) can get, the more ONM can progress.

     Also please give a big thanks to our trusty staff (both past and current) who have worked on this project:


Siuliz [retired CTL]
Lilac [retired CTL]
Izumi88 [active QC]
SilverBlack [active CTL]
Mohi14 [active CTL]
Cup0Tea [active Editor]
JellyBeans [active CL]
Rain [active PR]


^^;; oops I ran out of colors... 
Please also thank...
CiH, Cloud, Claricia Utami, Neko8, Bibubia,
Rinnu, Hinamori, HoulaHula, Midotchii, Sinha, and Bluebear

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