Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Special

First off... MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!

Secondly... Please enjoy the latest release of Ouke no Monshou ch 88 in the Releases section >u<

I hope everyone has a safe day and doesn't get snowed in on a hill like I was today here in Arizona... yes, it snows really hard here in the sun valley too. I'm just off to bed now, I only got an hour and a half of sleep this morning because I was helping prep the stuffing, jello, cookies and other stuff for our family dinner until 8:30 AM TT^TT I was up all night~!

Well enjoy this wonderful chapter and make sure to thank mystic mizuki and misty rain scans staff for their hard work~

Just a side note: We got a lot of chapters cleaned for this project but...

we need more Chinese and/or  Japanese Translators!!! 

The more CTLs or JTLs we have working on this project the faster we can release chapters.

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